Sunday, April 22, 2018

White sun, White Trucks, and some kind of Lightning.

It was bound to happen. The snow had its time. The darkness had to go. After a long shivering winter there must be a spring. We all know that. But still, we all had or doubts for a while this year. 

Then it happened. The temperature was rising and car guys & girls were getting busy as bees. Garage, workshops and barn doors were kicked up. Brutally. The spring light cast its painful rays over man and machine, but when the cheap sunglasses were found, it was time for a ride in whatever that was ready for a spin.
Magnus fired up the Chevy AD pick-up. Pictured; Gasser Style or work in progress.
Same Truck 18 hours later, in the foggy Sunday morning. Now low, ready to go.
Are all trucks white? Anyhow, Annika showed up in her Glamourous Chevy C10.Cina and Annika posing proudly after a test drive.
My burgundy Ford -46 Coupe will, any year soon, get an Ardun V8 engine and since Speedometer is now restored (thank's Jige's AB!) we'll be able to determine the difference.
When there´s white, there's black. The balance is needed. Lotur Exige; High rev 4 cyl with addictable Supercharger whine and a high speed soul black as tar, totally free of any kind comfort. A nice car.
Meanwhile inside the workshop. The old Benz with race potential is waiting for a new clutch slave cylinder and a new owner. Where's our delivery? We need to know.
Because we're heading for California now. We have a race car to complete...Bonneville is coming up in August. But don't worry, our the Salt Slush Speed Shop is open and ready to provide turbo's and supercharger for those in need. Of Speed.

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