Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Marketing is not a precise science ! Or is it ?

In our strive to rule the World in the Boosting business we've started to understand that  we need to reach out to the crowd.

It is not enough to be known by your friends and family.

As You know we have our blog on which we write about our garage life 
and playing with cars...
...and the last 4 Year we've been working hard at Bilsport Performance & Custom show during Easter. That is for sure a big event and we talked to a lot of people and explain the beauty of boosting with BorgWarner EFR and AirWerks turbos and of course the Magnuson Superchargers.

We do get a lot of good response from gearheads and hopefully help people to match their engine and buy good turbos and superchargers.

Besides of the above, we have a small add in Gasoline, a Swedish high class car magazine for people with taste for stuff like Hot Rods, VW, Vans, Porsches, Muscle cars, etc.

We're on Facebook and Instagram, mostly friends and family. 
On top of this we have some films on You Tube.

We have even managed to receive some support from different companies like my wife's own business. She is now twisting my arm and askes; -What good is this?

We had reached a point where we need to move on toward.....our intention to rule boosting world.
So, what more can we do ? We tried some marketing on Facebook! To become visible! Not only by to our friends and family...  

Ok. Let's go professionell. We identified our group, Car and racing people, mainly male, in Sweden, age from 18 to 65. A pre check showed that there were interest in this group. OK, that makes sense. We all agreed that this could be something. So we pressed the button and signed up for a 2 week test.

What happened ?

Well, my mother called me and said that she had seen the green Volvo Wagon on Facebook together with turbos.......
My Mother, sweet as can be, does not represent our customer category, although she has always sponsored my car interest. She is 87 Years old, she has sold here car a couple of years ago and is mainly in to genealogy.

In the Facebook times, we are now, maybe it could be worth to reflect on how the flows are directed....and how information is used.....or is it so that Facebook is going away from business in to family priorities.... 

To be honest, I think the defining of target groups could be worked on.

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