Wednesday, May 2, 2018

We're working hard, to know how, to get fast !

At some point in time reflection is appropriate. Why are we doing what? How was Salt Slush Racing formed? 
Here's the answer. Since 2015, we're tooling our way to Speed Week at Bonneville Salt Flats with our 449 Volvo Amazon. We've built the race car from 2015 to 2017 and we've made our first Rookie Race at El Mirage in September 2017.
Now we're back at Erik Hansson's place in California preparing for the next step and that next step is Bonneville Speed Week.
Here's what's happened last week.
To get the right feeling, appropriate rental cars are needed.  
Anders and his heavy burden. Heavy as lead. 
Home at Erik's and Ruth's place adopting to cool stuff and sun. 
The work begins. Magnus is working with solving the SCTA safety remarks, step by step.  
Carina put some paint on a lead box bracket that Erik has made for us. 
Yes, we did go visit our friends at Magnuson Superchargers as well. We enjoyed talking Superchargers and Supercharging with Mike and we learned a lot about new products and yes, we stared real speed and power right in the eyes....  
Where there's speed and race cars, there's haulers and trailer. Here's Cina and PA waiting for our Big Block Suburban to be to get a new fuel pump. 
Fuel pressure and a humming 454. The deal is sealed.  
Our new friend.... ready to serve. New tires, new oil, plugs, air filter. Tomorrow it's time for a tuning session on El Mirage. Yes, we're on plan and exited.

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