Saturday, May 5, 2018

Dry Desert, Blue Skies and Green Cars.

If you seek contemplation you do not have too many options. If you want to be alone with yourself there's always a sacrifice. Hideaways are either too warm, too cold or too wet.
Speed and Freedom can be found in these places too. In deserts, on ice or at sea. Off the beaten tracks under the great wide open where life's hard. 
So we took off from Erik Hansson's place with our adjusted race car and our new love. A 454 Suburban. We checked in at the El Mirage exited as can be.
And yes, you're right, the colors doesn't match perfectly.
No crowd. No race. We're alone with our test scheme and dreams under the blue skies.
Driver seat adjusted means that Magnus were able to drive. He's prepared as can be. 
Magnus, where the sun shines and only the God of Speed is watching. 
Magnus, Anders and I all test drove the Amazon. Conclusion: With corner weight adjusted and  boost control corrected, we were all convinced. This car is building confidence. It will be fast, really fast. Eventually.
Magic green on a surface of desert. A fata morgana or an el mirage?
Sunset after six laps at El Mirage and 180 miles on trailer after the Big green 454
Relaxed as can be. Coronas and Barbecue at Erik & Ruth's place after Amazon desert test. A good place to be.
Morning after. We cleaned the Amazon and started to prepared our Big Green Burb for next long haul. For Bonneville.
Yes, there were some obstacles too...
But we got sun tan as well. No more D vitamin needed.
Summary: We're happy as can be. We're according to plan. So far.


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