Sunday, May 13, 2018

Workshop summer breakout. The true story.

We're back from our Mechation in the US of A. We're filled with new confidence after testing our Amazon at El Mirage and we're ready for Bonneville Speed Week in August!

When returned to Sweden we got a shock. It was summer at home as well. At first we felt paralyzed. How should we handle this situation? Should we really leave the garage? Just like that....just like your mother told you when you were young ?

Here's what happened...
As the sun starts to shine, car guys and girls take out their summer ride (-s). It's in their genes. It just happens.
Then we slowly moved out from the workshop. Fika outside. We survived, hence we're not Trolls.
But it seems like Ragnar and Kalle are not ready to handle the sun yet. Tailgating feel normally though.
Then mister sunshine himself, Erling showed up. Happy, relaxed and ready for burnouts in the sun.
So we took our cheap sunglasses and hit the sweet surroundings. Pick-up trucks felt appropriate. Yes, we have one each. 
Pictured: Kalle's 454 C10, Annika's C10 Glamour and Carina's C20 Longbed.  
Yes, Magnus joined with his low Chevy AD Truck.  
We finally reached the sea. Yes, there's a sea outside Gothenburg. We're now far from our workshop.   
But there were beer and there were barbecue....
...and finally, we've adopted to the summer.
Here's Magnus, our good looking Champagne Cowboy and he seems to thrive.

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