Sunday, May 20, 2018

Heart Surgery - The Way forward for Anders.

No, we're not talking about Anders health. We're talking about how mild environmental concern and a strong need for speed (and drivabillity) got him into LS engine swap mode. 

And yes, he added a Magnuson Supercharger on top. Just to ensure the El Camino performance. Power is and has always been; Fun. 
Iron LS with LS3 heads an LS9 camshaft amd a Magnuson LS3 Supercharger kit. Engine control system: GM orignal + HP Tuner.  Sounds sweet.
Sun is-a-shining, but there's a El Camino out there that needs a new heart.
 An emergency situation that calls for attention.
Hence a good hot cam Edelbrook equipped Chevy 350 small block....
....leaves place and space for the new strong heart. No by-pass surgery needed.

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