Sunday, May 27, 2018

No particular place to go or the Cure for the Summertime Blues

When you have too many commitments
When you need a break
When you need to get in touch with you heart and soul
Then you need an escape. 
There're however boundaries for this doctor advice.
A sun must be a-shining, engines should be humming low and pounding hard. More importantly; the imbedded dream must be involved, if only between the lines.
Kalle, the initiator and car curator. Always on the move. Here pictured at the first stop on the yearly health bringing "Kalle Tour". This spring more the 65 people showed up at 07.00 am for a 600km tour with entusiast cars only. The car mix was exiting. From pick-up trucks... Flatfishes in poisonous color.
Here's Wild, Mild and in between...a Jag from the roaring -60 ties.
(Mike, we have turbo solution for the MR2, when you're ready!)
Sharp fins from the 50-ties in the blistering sun. Gunnar tooled his way in comfort.
One firm belief in the Salt Slush team is that we needed to start with racing in order to avoid golf and drugs and so far this strategy has work out perfectly. No sign of golf interest, what so ever. We even challenged our self and had lunch at a Golf Restaurant in Falsterbo. But nope. No attraction to checker trousers and no white gloves envy.
The subject around this table and engines.
Mats Moren seemed happy too.
Sun was a shining at the final destination. Kjelle Powers place. A Hot Rod shrine
The Jet Pack. Many where tempted to try the ultimate freedom/fear.
But (luckily) no one took off.
Square Bodies and a Glamour Truck provided empowerment.
We all know that this statement is true. At least in Landspeed Racing...
Talking, talking, talking and Dreams, Dreams, Dreams. Debriefing.
Johan's Nissan 350Z and Gunnars Chrysler 300 Coupe helped up car diversity. 
Stefan's Dodge Viper... a nice superchargered beast which helps us to understand that big displacement works perfect with boosting. No conflict. It just gets better. Trust me.
Yes, we did hear it rev. Yes, it was nice. Really nice.
So, we all had a day off. We did what we liked to do and got energized!

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