Monday, July 23, 2018

Blue skies. Cool minds. Relaxing while preparing for the Salt Flats. Bonneville Speed Week coming up.

It ain't easy to relax if you're the active type. And it ain't easy to prepare mentally for Bonneville Speed Week either. We're trying and we're trying hard. We've heard from Ron Main that The Salt at Bonneville is good this year. Better that in many years. We've heard the race will be just fine if it all keeps dry. 
Besides, we've done our best to prepare what needs to be prepared. 
What more can we possibly do to be ready for The Challenge?
Here's what. We can (try to) relax in shape mentally.
We can sip beer in the sun…
...or let 24 cylinders and 18,8 liter displacement move us to.. 
...a moment in the sun when all was cool.
All Swedes are now hit by the unusual summer heat.
Some are down and dry.
Others drunk and dumb.
No, there's still one small spot where deeds are done daily. 
Yes, you're all correct.
The Salt Slush Speed Shop is of course open.
Race turbos can be shipped.
Superchargers can be ordered.
El Camino prop shaft can shortened to fit the LS + Magnuson supercharger engines. 
 Besides. I need to stop write now. The hours is getting late. Gotta get some sleep before we're heading for a roadkill kind of tour... I'll tell you more in a couple of days. If we survive.

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