Saturday, November 3, 2018

Never give up! or Just another car guy week.

You've got to go beyond the crave for comfort to find peace of mind. 

You've got to have a problem solving seeking soul searching for solace and be willing go against expectation and status to find pleasure in the resonance of fate.

What the f...?
We're talking about a car guy/girl week when things goes wrong, when sleep goes down, when working hours goes north and you start to question your lifestyle.

Hers's a summary:
A Swedish Freedom Icon called Big Bengt died. An auction was announced.  
Big Bengt was not the shy type. But eventually he left the building.
Carina's auction bid won and she got a couple of old lawnmowers. 

Which was fine. But the C20 Chevy pickup all of a sudden got hot when an old cooling hose cracked and sprinkled the engine compartment outside Anderstorp. 

A road repair involving scotch tape, removed thermostat and getting to know a nice cool gang of car guys and girls were needed to reach our final destination called home.

Back at home, the hose was replaced and we we're all happy. But not for long. Soon another cooling issue appeared in our life. It was now time for a MOPAR moment. 
The radiator (pictured) gave up in our old daily driver muscle SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998 5,9). We ordered a new radiator from Unfortunately, the new radiator were leaking too. Crappy stuff from a crappy supplier who offered crappy support.
Simultaneously, it was time for our Magnuson Corvette to go through the annual Swedish car inspection...
...which rightfully failued due to this..i.e. worn out tires. 

The moral of this story:
If a lot of problems occur at the same time in your life, even if it's painful and take lot of time to find solutions, it's a good thing and well worth the effort it takes.

Because it feel good to be capable and it feels even better when something is accomplished and all is solved.  

Hence, go out there and solve something!

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