Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Continuous Learing.

Knowledge comes if you study hard and get experience. You've heard it over and over again since you were a small kid. So have I. But there's another factor to add to the learning process as well. Cheapness.

Let me try to explain. When I was a young car guy I once bought a really cheap aftermarket distributor to an old Benz (a W114 230/6 if I remember correctly). When I took it out the ignition device out from the non branded white box, I noticed that the weight difference compared with the original stuff from Stuttgart was significant. My young, innocent and unsuspicious mind thought; Lighter is better!

Until I slowly and carefully pushed the distributor holder/spring in to its position...only to notice that the little spring made a hole in the paper thin distributor cap. Curtain down. 

By some reason, this was a turning point for me. I went into next period in my motor life that I can describe as;  The quality period. Always bought quality from that moment. OEM parts or trusted aftermarket parts or high quality tuning parts. No more wasted hours in the garage! I've learned something! This lasted for several years. 

Until cheapness took control of me and rewired my brain. Suddenly I've bought a radiator for my wife's Jeep at for a very low price. It was obviously time to relearn the basic again.
Buy cheap and enjoy the pleasure of redoing stuff.
From left: the good, the bad and the old worn. We're talking about radiators, not else.

The bad.  Yes, the traces of coolant fluid is a leakage. A hole was included in the low price.  Yes, the fins bent out of the box. Yes, the box was cheap too.

The good. VTC Åberg provided good quality stuff. Yes the box were good too.

The good one assembled. Only the electric fan is missing at this moment.
Guess what? It doesn't leak....
The change was faster the second time...besides, a sealed Jeep makes Cina a happy car girl.

I've know learned what I already knew before. Go for quality and do the job once.

Same goes for turbo's and superchargers...

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