Monday, November 12, 2018

Workshop Weekend Highlight! Film time!

What you have learned in you workshop today? How has your project proceeded today? Did you use your finger to make a sign in the dust that grows thicker on the hood, or did make a real breakthrough?
In all projects there's ups and downs, there's miserable moment when whatever you touch breaks, when orange peel paint is all you can produce. But there're as well these happy moment when you've learned something or made a breakthrough. We had such a weekend.
Here's what happened.
Yes, it's only 2 out of 8, but still, everything seams to work, the Ardun Engine build took a step forward when I could confirm that all custom made parts fits. Besides, I've learned how to assemble Spirolocks without a tool. First one took an hour, second one 15 seconds.
Meanwhile,  Anders managed to crank up his LS engine with Magnuson Supercharger successfully. Not tuned yet, but still, it runs!
After a little shake down, changing some parameters, it was even time for a first test drive. Out under the grey Gothenburg sky!
The speed god was obviously on our side because the Gothenburg november rain stopped for a couple of minutes during test drive. That ain't bad...

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