Monday, December 31, 2018

Salt Slush Speed Chronicle 2018

We built it, We shipped it and We raced it...
...already in 2017 we were so proud.
In 2018 we took the Salt Slush Racing theme, scheme and dream one huge step further. To the core of our ambition. 
To Bonneville Speed Week at The Salt Flats. 
Mind blowing, Unforgettable and Addictive.
We're really looking forward to race on Bonneville 2019!
A small step for Landspeed Racing...but a giant leap for Salt Slush Racing. The team in the middle of a dream. Exhausted and totally relived.  But let's focus on some Salt Slush events that took place 2018. 
Early 2018 Kalle, the Salt Slush Bergman directed The Salt Slush Movie no. 1 based on our very first landspeed racing experience back in 2017.
There was a première too. More than hundred people showed up at the Première Evening at the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg. We're now waiting for Movie no. 2...
In May 2018 we flew over to Los Angeles to prepare for the Speed Week in August.
We bought a 454 Suburban. A solid car with appetite for ancillaries parts...
At Erik's place, we worked hard to fix the SCTA safety remarks and make the 449 Amazon a better race car.
 To understand if our wrenching had effect, we took the car to the El Mirage Desert. No race just a calm, reasonable analytic test drive. And yes! The car felt a lot better. 
Then back to Erik and prepare to wash for a couple of hours.
May-to August: We flew home to Sweden in May and started to make the detailed our planning for Speed Week. The summer in Sweden was nice this year, not too cold and rainy.
It's August 2018. We're at Speed Week. Bonneville Speed Week!
Here, we've just arrived. We're SaltStruck…
Then our qualifications races started. All 4 team members managed to get qualifications up to 175mph and Magnus, pictures managed to reach +175mph (+280km/h) and qualify the B licens i.e. up to 200mph (320km/h) 
After 15 races and problems with misfire we felt that is was time to go back to L.A and book calibration time at Westtech Performance. And so we did..Yes, I'm was proud.
-Hey guys, let's take that final epic picture! The problem: A Salt Storm blew up. A new experience to most of us. We're here trying as if there was no Salt Storm. Moment later the shitter blew over...according to Rick The Carfixer.
Obviously we could not live with a misfiring engine. So we asked Erik and Nisse to take our 449 Amazon to Westech Performance outside L.A in November. Problem solved! It now runs without misfire! However, we're now eager to test our race car at El Mirage Spring 2019!  
Was that all?
No! We had booth at Bilsport Performance Show, Elmia in Jönköping during Easter 2018, and we'll be there again 2019, ready to provide Boost and Horsepower to anyone in search for speed.
In addition, we've worked on our private projects…(Supercharged LS engine equipped EL Camino, Ardun Engine build, Supercharged Diesel Suburban, Old School Vespas, Antique Lawn Mowers) and we've bought some new rides too.. 

What we regret: We failed to represent Salt Slush at the Time Attack final in Sweden. Because we've gone racing. But still, we're always available for turbo or supercharger discussion. 7 days a week and ready to provide turbos and superchargers to those in need!
We wish you all
A Happy and Fast 2019!!


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