Thursday, December 27, 2018

When catastrophe strikes. Not all are affected.

We'll have our bad days. Days when things goes south and circumstances are fighting against your good spirit. I'm talking about situations when the real stuff cannot be done. When your race car, hot rod, sports car, custom, off road or bike project is temporary stopped because of issues with your Winter Ride.
We know what we're talking about, because it happened to some of us today. Let me tell you…
It was time. Time for Carina's winter ride, A Jeep Grand Cherokee 5,9L 1998 to pass through The Eye of the Needle, Mordor, The Dark Side.  All went well until the meticulous, young guy moved toward the driver side rocker panel...Consequence: A short depression, crank up the welding machine and accept that our Ardun engine project will be delayed for a couple of days. Life's a bitch. 
Simultaneously, a mediocre driver flipped over Anders winter bike, A BMW RT, when reversing his car (and may I guess...a Toyota Prius or perhaps a Skoda Octavia...or similar). Consequence: Anders Magnuson Supercharged El Camino project will suffer delays and Anders needs to be cheered up...
But not all suffered these Strokes of Destiny. Magnus had a night good sleep, no problem with his Chevy Colorado and hence he was happy and active as can be...with one of his zillion projects. Pictured; Fabrication of a Supercharger manifold for a square body diesel (Chevy) Suburban. All good.

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