Friday, December 21, 2018

Salt Slush T-Shirts. All you need to know.

T-Shirts history. All these years and all these t-shirts. Picture this; Young soldiers in white cotton underwear 1913. After that came nothing. The world was waiting. Then suddenly; White salt and engines with uneven idle and a song to sing at full load. It was 1969 and Ed Iskenderian has found a new way to bring good stuff to market. In case you're deaf, dumb and blind and grown up on the wrong side of town, here's a lead; it's all about camshafts. Speed parts. 

T-shirts and youth. Always associated with the Young and Rebellious in popular culture. A streetcar named desire & Marlon Brandon, Rebel without a cause & James Dean. 8 Mile & Eminem.

T-shirts, community and association. Clothing that support and express how you feel and what you belong to. 

T-shirts, age, class and level of Sophistication. At some point in time folks stop wearing Tees. Normally because they lost their youthful spirit.  

The Offer. If you're brave, strong and have the urge to express your inner need for speed we have an all new, 2019 Salt Slush Racing T-shirt for sale. NOW! Limited to 150pcs in green, black and blue. Yes, it's Salt Slush design by Magnus brother and Anders. email me ( if you need one (150SEK/each+shipping)
 Salt Slush T-Shirt history: Back in 2014 Magnus Brother, inspired by Landspeed Racing, Amazon and Salmiak, created this Tee. Yes it's sold out.
2018 limited edition. Only 50 copies made. Sold out.
2016 The Salt Slush logo on black tee. A few sizes still available.
The Salt Slush logo: Carina and Anders created our logo in 2015 on a napkin in a Los Angeles bar. 
2013 edition: The before it all began t-shirt. Sold out since many years. 
Designer: Anders (Salt Slush Team) 
For reference only; the Isky 1969 T-shirt.

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