Friday, January 11, 2019

Christmas is over... Next Stop: Spring, Easter and Speed parts!

Santa has left the building. A new year called 2019 is up and running. Outside the Salt Slush Racing headquarter it's gloomy. The temperature is bouncing around freezing point, the cold rain is pouring down while city trucks are throwing salt over the black asphalt in the everlasting darkness.

But hold on...Spring is coming up. Good thing will happen soon. Asphalt tracks, gravel roads and salt flats will be ready for race! And you better be ready too!

Are you a late starter? Someone who work better under pressure? In need inspiration before you start wrenching?

Take our advice and go to Bilsport Performance Performance and Custom Motor Show in Sweden this Easter to get energize. The whole Salt Slush Racing team will be there too. Just before we're going back to the dry lakes in US for a test driving and racing.

We will talk about our own racing until your ears bleeds, but we will as well present good stuff for YOU! Meaning BorgWarner EFR turbos that will exceed 1000hp. Here we're talking about the all new EFR 9280! 
What we all been waiting for. EFR quality, transient performance from hell and heavenly POWER.
Did I mention smoking tires?
Not only EFR stuff...we will finally present the NEW BorgWarner AirWerks S300SX-E, S372 for thoose of you in need of +1100hp.

If you need a howling Supercharger instead of turbos to get wide a wake we will present our own private vehicles equipped with Magnuson Supercharger to you. 
At the show, Salt Slush will present Magnuson Supercharger in Swedish and English in same sensible way as in this Youtube video.
Meanwhile, your are allowed to have foggy dreams about POWER. 

Our task is to make dreams come true!

And have fun..did I mention fun?

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