Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Garage storage Justice. It's complcated.

They might be your best friends. You might share hobby, hope and habits. You can travel around the world, build race cars, run a Speed Shop, race at Bonneville, have a zillion Fika, enjoy nice dinners, drink beer -even Makers Mark- and have parties together. All in harmony with no strict rules.
Everything's cool?  Nope. You still must be aware!  I'm talking about situations when strict rules are needed. When laser sharp measurement tools are prefered. When volume and space need to be calculated. 

We're talking about Garage Storage Justice! When every millimeter count.

Here's why. Gearheads tend to be invasive. They have an apatite for space. Because they like to store stuff. Old parts, new parts, nice-to-have parts, speed parts, race parts, cool parts, bikes, cars, boats, radios, guitars, old lawn name it!  And I'm not in a position to throw the first stone.  

Today it was about time. Time for a let's-set-up-some-rules moment, because not only nature have a fear of empty space....[horror vacui]. The Salt Slush team with friend has the same fear, so we went to one of our common spaces today to measure, argue and agree.
Here's Petter exited and in full speed. He's got a a new storage space, a laser measurement device and he's happy.  
But don't fooled by his friendly look. He's the invasive type.
Walk, talk and draw lines. How the hell did Magnus get this body to this spot? Willpower!
Females can take space too. Example: Annika parked a rally car in the common space temporarily half a year ago.

Summary: Measurement done. Storage volume split and agreed.

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