Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Power of Animated Cartoons- A Celebration!

There were no chance in hell. Ever. Except on Christmas Eve. We were begging for it, dreaming about it and if we just saw a glimpse of it we got influenced.

I'm talking about animated cartoons and the opposite effect of political positions. There were times when young Swedes were feed from the TV with grey still pictures of labor. There were times when we learned that capitalism and freedom was a bad thing.

But the State made one big mistake. They allowed Donald Duck on Christmas Eve. The sense of colorful freedom that was coming thorough the screen one time per year, this smell of another world, gave kids hope and eventually changed the society to something better. Forever.

More regulations gave birth to an opposition, which eventually opened up TV, the market and not the least made sport cars and hot rods and choppers and race bike legal. (Göran Ambell and Sture Torngren = Our heros) The thick air was getting easier to breath.

So, let's forget about the dark period and go back even further and enjoy some animations connected to cars.

Here are the topic's:
Thrust and communication
Death is not the end

That's all Folk's

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