Saturday, February 23, 2019

What's the next step?

Let's face the facts. Your current progress doesn't matter. You might be young or old, good or bad, you might dwell in close proximity of heaven or hell. Still, there's no way to escape the inevitable. I'm talking about The Next Step.

The next step could be a brutal reality or a dream fulfilled. It could be unrealistic and unreachable or achievable and natural.

All I know is that it's of vital importance to think about a next step. At least one more next step…

Here's our current position. The Salt Slush Team is planning. We've learned that engine calibration is of great importance. Hence a first trail run at El Mirage is needed to understand if additional wrenching or calibration will be needed prior to our next BIG challenge, the Bonneville Speed Week 2019.
Recap: The 2018 Trail run at El Mirage. 
Lesson learned: We've should have taken calibration serious at this point.
The cure: The Westech treatment. Ok? To be confirmed in May.
Presently, while waiting for the next big challenge on dust and Salt, all team member are working furiously on private projects. Here's a glance...
The Ardun engine: From one angle... another. 
Commando Carina and her odd ball old Lawnmower that sooner than soon will make a difference in the lazy world of robot mowers.
Naked and alone. Kalle's Vespa. A Mod balance to the Camaro -67 project that any decade soon will eat up the road.
Spanking? Nope, just Anders El Camino bucket seats that needs proper brackets... handle the Supercharged iron LS engine.

Meanwhile Magnus is praying for eternal life and endless resources in order to be able to complete 50%  of his on-going projects.

Coming back to next step...we need a new Big Project. What to do after to The Final flat out speed feast, without misfire, on Bonneville Salt Flats?

We don't know, but we're thinking. Here's what's on our mind right now.
Build a back to basic race/sport car?
Race at Pikes Peak?
As always, the future is unclear. But we know one thing for sure.
Once you've bitten the apple, there's no way back.

Our advice: Take a bite.

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