Saturday, March 30, 2019

Being Busy, Busy, Busy but Bothered by Backlash

Shit happens. Things go south. Plans change. We've been bouncing between hope and despair. Meantime life goes on all around us…
It's getting late, so I'll keep thing short and stay with essential only. 
We've been busy. Building, planing and preparing and of course, selling turbos and superchargers to people with dreams and speedy ambition.
Meanwhile, some private projects has made progress, while simultaneously some other rides has suffered. Let me explain.
White smoke. Nope. It's not about a new pope. Instead it's the consequence following a severe cooling hose explosion. At this point Carina is a sad, sad woman.
A new gasket kit bought. Hope is coming back and the sun was a-shining.
Right hand cylinder head dismantled. Analysis ongoing.
Conclusion, Summary. Analysis complete. Cylinder head in the milling machine. We'll you all get the picture…life ain't always easy. Cloud sometimes gather.
When things fall apart, when luck has left the building big displacement is there to comfort. 
Meanwhile, Magnus in motion. Busy building zoomies.
From the right angle in the bright light. 
Anders in multitasking mode. Building CNC machines and completing his Magnuson Supercharger equipped LS engine El Camino. Better hurry up, since we'll show the El Camino at the Bilsport Performande and Custom Show this Easter.
That's all for now.  The hour is getting late. At least in Sweden.



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