Saturday, April 6, 2019

Smoke in your eyes. Engine thunder. It's Salt Slush afterwork!

There's no way in hell to predict the outcome of a party. But invite good people, men and women with the right heart, soul and attitude and you're getting closer. A nice environment helps too.

When everything's perfect, you'll notice. It's like being in a dream. That was our Friday. Our Salt Slush afterwork with gearhead friends. It was beyond words, poetic. 
Smoke in the air, colored lights and a Rolls Royes Meteor Engine.
A good platform for a relaxed party. 
Controling The Beast is a powerful feeling. Thunder and fire from a smooth touch of your fingertip. With total attention on every combustion. A-fucking-mazing. Addicatable. 
 In the spotlight. Happy as can be.
Smelling fumes like a chefs. Gearhead happiness pictured!

Peter and Lutz under pressure. 
The silence is loud 
Tension, tension, tension.
Relief and success. Offenhauser Indy Engine starts!
Once bitten, twice shy. Better keep cool. Hands off Renato.
Before it all begun.   


Air cleaner with filter. A Lucky Strike

There's always a Before and After. Champagne on hood represent After...
Before it all begun. Tore, Kalle and a Forklift. What could possibly go wrong?
Oh, I forgot…
Thank you all for making this evening unforgettable!!

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