Tuesday, May 28, 2019

For Enthusiast By Enhusiasts...We're at Magnuson Superchargers!

We're in California. And we have a task. The task is to test drive our 449 Amazon landspeed racer at El Mirage and fix whatever needs to be fixed before the full team arrives in August. Before we load up the Amazon on a trailer behind our old Suburban and hit the road. 

 While in California, we always take the opportunity to meet our friends at Magnuson Superchargers in Ventura. It's energizing to meet the guys, because not only do they have new cool products to present, they always have cool private car projects to show as well. These guys are living and breathing superchargers and engines. And it's a good living. Learning by doing…

But let's cut the crap and look at one of the most impressive and coolest aftermarket products I've seen. Ever. The TVS 2650 supercharger unit that fits under the C7 Corvette and Camaro hood without modification.
How is it even possible to package the BIG TVS 2650 Eaton supercharger and a pair of big size water-to air intercooler in the super tight packaging space available under a C7 Corvette hood? 
Mike and his team at Magnuson have not only managed to get the packaging right, they have as well managed to get the flow characteristic right, which is a must if you want BIG Power. Last not least, the unit looks amazing. It's hard to stop looking at it. It looks so good.

The unit fits in all LT1 DI Engines in Corvette and Camaro. Ain't she sweet?
More importantly, they are available, off the shelves!
Would you prefer a Magna Charger type of TVS 2650 for your LT1 Engine? Well, here are four units ready for shipping, still hot after just passing the final superchager mapping. 
BIG power means high flow, optimized air paths is a must.
How it all began...the less sophisticated Camaro with the TVS2650 prototype. Fast as a Shark and Cobra Cool but more suitable to run under 9,5s at the strip then to use as a daily commuter.
Testing and playing around makes perfection….
Private Projects. No.1 The Maverick.
When there's no Magnuson Supercharger kit available, you make an inlet adapter and arrange the belt drive... at least that's what Mike and his son did. The result: A super nice installation in the low weight Ford Maverick. Yes, it's fast.
Interesting combo...modern aftermarket EFI with all bells a whistles and cable throttle. I had almost forgotten how fast a throttle response could be...

Pulling Power and mpg is important too. Dustin, at Magnuson has teared out the old big block V8 and installed iron LS V8 with Magnuson Supercharger.
The result: Stong performance, really good drivability and a significant lower fuel consumption. Looks really nice too.

 Epilogue: Private projects, having fun and racing provides energy and innovations. I guess this is one of the reasons that Magnuson Supercharger are able to bring good high-quality products to the market. Nevertheless, Carina and I left Magnuson today full of impressions, energy and fully supercharged!

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