Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday afternoon....providing boooooost and some quality time !

Have we gone completely bonkers now when Håkan, Carina and Magnus are in LA prepping The 449The Amazon Wagon....starting with gardening and beautification of Ringön ?

Well yes, our asphalt jungle outside the workshop is flourishing and looking really healthy. We do focus this because Carina expect us to do that.
Carinas hollyhocks on both side of the Garage door are doing just great, a lot thanks to Ruben (The very Big Block dog across the street) and Chevy (The Small Block Dog across the street).
But what's this ? Some pottery has found it's way in to the jungle too.
Therese a famous pottery artist is in the creative mood, 
But as always we can't help it, there is always time for some boost to happen and today two Magnuson Kits and a turbo was shipped to happy gear heads in Sweden, soon to make some serious power and smiles.
A pickup truck is always nice and handy, especially a sunny soon-to-be-summer day. 
We need to be cautious with the loading ! Everything onboard ? Paper work OK ? 
Aaaahhh a bed of dreams on it's way.
Besides of beautification and boost business, we have time for some dream of our own as well. My (my wife's) LT1 Corvette 94 (for her Camaro 68 Cabrio) soon to be opened and checked. 
Hopefully with out any drama lurking inside. 
Magnus T Drag Coupe waiting for Magnus to come back full of energy...
...and more mad ideas !!
What is this ? Pottery  ? No this is Magnus doing some tricks fo a friend. If you think it's to easy to get some serious power from a modern LS with boost, this could be an alternative; A Dan Price Cylinder head to a Four Banger. For sure cool and some nice technique from another time era. 
Looks nice !
Some of Therese's pottery art, waiting for a happy customers. 
By the way,  Therese is sometimes in to bugs...
...and bugs are usually not a problem in Sweden.
But if these basterds start to move, we better call Pest Control !

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