Sunday, June 2, 2019

Epic. We're at Pomona Swap meet.

The early bird catches the worm. A saying that's not applicable for swap meets over a certain size. Like Pomona Swap Meet. Because it's not possible to see it all between 05.00am and 02.00pm. It's too big. There are too many impressions. No use to be structured. Just walk around and hope for the baragin/miracle to pop up around the next corner. 
In total 15 miles (24km) of booth after booth is painful and exhausting...but wonderful. If you're in to car and bike culture that is. 

Crap and Jewels all mixed. Stucture, confusing and creativity and one big melting pot. Here's a couple of pictures… 
Huge area. A lot of everything.
Talk. Haggle. Decide. Agree. Shake hands. I'm buying 97's carbs for my Ardun. 
Immaculate Cadillac.  
Gordini with sting. 
No blues. Just an Amazing 1950 Mercury Custom.
Some ride in comfort. Others carry the burden without notice.  Exitment and expectation as fuel.
Old style, modern heart. 
There are different ways to get attention. This is one. 
LS, Coyote, Hellcats...take a pick. 
Caballero, Buick Caballero. 
A truck? A Benz? No,a Mercamino! Dare to be different.

No rain. Not Cold. No heat.

Just a nice day at Pomona Swap Meet.

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