Friday, June 7, 2019

Test Drive at El Mirage!

There's no guarantee in racing. Whatsoever. Effort can only take you so far. But still, we're engineers and we believe in analysis and testing rather than in faith and destiny. Therefore we've been working with our race car at Erik Hanson's shop in Orange and test driving the car at El Mirage. Purpose; get ready for Bonneville Speed Week 2019.
Let's talk about before and after. Let's start with before.
To start with we had to remove remains of 2018 Bonneville Speed Week from the Amazon. Salt and oxide.  Palm trees and the blue California skies served as a frame for our work with the 449 Amazon. The sun tan was for free too. 
To work in the close proximity of other landspeed race cars is inspiring and helpful.
Some need an after-ski drink. Salt Slush are more into after-wrench. We're here looking at Modelo wind down. 
Still in before mode. The 454 Suburban resting after fighting the Barstow hills. The old Burb still handles heat and hills and the combination of the two. 
For those of you that has not offloaded a race car in a totally quite desert where a wild wind is blowing 40degC (104 deg F) air...'s a memorable moment everytime. To some extent you get used to it, but's mindblowing.  
 When silence is broken.
Advice: Look and listen at this video a couple of times.
The after; All dust must go. We're relieved and happy. The calibration is good, the car seems really fast. We're back at Erik & Ruth's Place, cleaning the race care, sorting up our race car
Next step: 2019 Bonneville Speed Week 

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