Sunday, June 16, 2019

For the love of Racing! How to crave for hardship.

Racing in general; Exhausting. Expensive. Extreemly time-consuming. Add dry salt desert heat, blistering sun and uncertain weather conditions that can ruin it all, always. All located in a far away from Everything location. And basically no media coverage. That's Bonneville Speed Week.

So why do it? Why prepare for years to get there? Why withstand it all?

Because it's magic. The desert hardship brings out fighting spirit. Speed is addictive. The Epic salt desert brings poetic peace.

Right now the jetlag from the El Mirage test drive is wearing off while the crave for Speed Week 2019 is building up.

Still don't get it? You're not to blame. But have a look at the pictures below that Hans Lundblom just sent us...from Bonneville Speed Week 2018.
Powerful Swedish Steel under the Califorina sun. 
...and Magnus while preparing the race car for Speed Week at Erik's & Ruth's Place in Califorina.
Seconds before one of the many races.
Paracute released after the last run 2018.
No remorse and no reverse. The race is over.
Our hero, help and guide to landspeed racing. Erik Hansson.
A man who knows how to burn midnight oil. But never learned how to give up.
Don Ferguson and Erik Hanson mixing nitro. Focus required.  
After race at Salt Flat Café. A good place to celebrate a birthday. Our friend, Rick Palagyi

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