Sunday, June 23, 2019

The meaning of life? Could it be a Supercharger upgrade?

What's the meaning of life? Why do we want to move forward? Why make good things better? Why go fast?
All these relevant philosophical question are nice to discuss and think about.
But there's more to it. There's a Fever involved. A Fever that keeps car guys and girls wide awake at night. A fever that make hearts beat hard. There's no cure. Only temporary relief.  Reliefs that comes with a performance upgrade. When your ride moves from really fast to beyond imagination.  
Listen to Mike when he guides you through a Corvette C7 Z06 upgrade
 (to Magnuson TVS 2650)
Remark 1: Mikes C7 with Magnuson 2300 was one of the fastes cars I've ever experienced.
Remark 2: How Magnuson managed to fit the Eaton TVS 2650 supercharger under the Corvette C7 hood is a mystery. There must be a God of Speed that want bring piece of mind to C7 owners. At least temporary.

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