Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas, Snow and Boost pressure.

Christmas. A sane, social and somewhat soggy event. But let's accept facts and acknowledge that it's booooring too. On top of the above, Santa's death by boredom take place when it's dark as a nightmare outside. Constantly. At the northern hemisphere.

Here's how to survive
Alternative 1: Rice up from the sofa, make a proper excuse and go to the workshop/garage...weld, mill or bend tubes and feel at ease.
Alternative 2: Rice up from the sofa, make a proper excuse and walk to the workshop/garage.  Fire up the Turbo-Snowmobile and get your motor running.
Alternative two only applies if you happen to live in the very North of Sweden or in any similar cold, snowy godforsaken den where the 2-stroke, boost pressure and snow combo make sense and fun.
Let us introduce you all to a man that knows how to squeeze out 230hp out of a 0,85L (51cu in) 2 stroke DI machine. A boost pressure of 0,45bar (6.52 psi) makes it all happen.
Andreas Marklund's Ski Doo with AirWerks Turbo kit...
...makes sense for those with a crave for speed, power and fun in the snow.
Merry Christmas and Boosted New Year!

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