Sunday, January 5, 2020

Supercharge a Sloppy Suburban. Diesel. Part 1

Diesel. Supercharger. Two positive words. Add deplacement and you're good. Oh, I forgot, low cost and do it yourself attitude should be added to the picture as well.

Here's what it's all about; The Salt Slush Team is seriously thinking about making one of Magnus, mad but magic projects come true. We're talking about revitalizing an old, sloppy, somewhat sad Suburban. With a Supercharger from the salvage yard. We' don't want to waste a Magnuson or VMP Supercharger when making prototypes, but we need an Eaton TVS supercharger to make efficient boost pressure. So, Magnus got one from a  Audi V6 3.0 TDI (gasoline).

But why? Ok. Here's why;
1. Confession: We've been inspired by Roadkill (Hot Rod Magazine)
2. A supercharged Diesel vehicle is amazing to drive [only a few of us have done that]. No lag. Just torque.
3. Because we can... 
It will take some time to accomplish this task. But we'll be successful...eventually….for sure...
All professionell chef's prepare an mise en place (it's french and if you don't know what it is google it and try to figure out what it means). Here's Magnus while making those small, but subtile adjustments that will make an Audi V6 TVS Supercharger mount effortlessly on an old Chevy Suburban V8 Diesel.
Yes you're all correct. An adapter is needed. Luckily there was a Lathe available and a weekend to spare. Life's good.
Magnus and two pulleys. Yes, he's about to make a show off
Remark1: Is this the first poly-v and v belt combination ever?
Remark2: The Jeep Grand Cherokee 5,9 in the background has nothing to do with this. 
Left: a modern poly-v type of pulley from god knows what.
Right: a more conservative V-belt crank pulley from the old Chevy V8 Diesel
The amazing adapter that Magnus milled. Drawing is available, in Magnus mind. 
Purpose: Pull pulleys together and make magic.
Here's how; Take the amazing adapter, in shiny steel and put it on top of the Chevy crank pulley, apply the screws and add…
...the fancy new poly-v pulley on top and Voila! You've got yourself the first building block of a the first ever (?) Chevy Suburban V8 Diesel & Audi V6 TVS Supercharger combo.

Next step? Magnus will move the monster to the Salt Slush workshop when he's motivated.
How it will end? Nobody knows. But we'll tell you all about it.
Or at least most of it.

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