Sunday, October 25, 2020

Garage Party Blues...

A garage-get-together makes people feel fine. No use to dress up in Sunday best, because a dark workshop illuminated with candle lights only, is not the right place and space. Instead garage casual. No matter whom you are and what you do to live, you can always grab a cold beer and enjoy good stories in a cool atmosphere. 

There's no need to look for conversational pieces either, since you’re imbedded and totally surrounded by amazing stuff full of downloaded dreams and sophisticated schemes.

Since Salt Slush like to host parties, where you can talk load, eat good food and drink cold beer, smoke inside and get exhaust fumes to the dessert, we're now in disperse. 

Because Corona killed it all. 

But when a vaccine is ready, we'll be ready too. We'll start up an Ardun Engine for dessert. We'll have the fridge full of Pabst and we'll fire up the range cooker and we"ll have a ball again. Until this is possible from a pandemic point of view, we're looking at some of the few existing pictures from past Salt Slush Garage Parties and hope to get back to 2019 and before soon...

Let's recap and think about how it was before The Pandemic...

 During one of our wilder parties we started up a 27L Merlin as avec. 
What a show, what a blast!
 In 2018, there were no social distance.
Magnus and his band were playing load back on Ringön back in 2014.

It's important to not have all parties in same shop. Therefore we spent new year eve 2016-2017 in Kalle's garage. 
Confirmed: The hat makes the man (and woman).
Long before the pandemic, back in 2014. To a period in time when we just started to build our Land Speed Racer and knew very little about what was coming. 3 year later we actually ran our first race at El Mirage.
Spring 2020, small dinner outside our Speed Shop. Social distance and no party. 
Well, no real party.
But one of these days, the pandemic will be over and we'll arrrange a garage party to remember. We'll party as if it way 2019 again and we'll book ticket to US the day after and we'll race as if there were no tomorrow!

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