Sunday, November 1, 2020

When times are bad and death is all around...Focus on having fun!

Covid is coming back. Terror try to tear us all apart.When you're feeling down, when the pandemic is pounding your brain, you've got to help yourself out. To endure this endless pain. You've got to stay mentally capable and healty. Take our advice and try to have fun. If you're having fun you'll stay sane and if you stay sane you'll stay solid. 
Salt Slush recipe: Start something up, make plans,
build stuff and have fun with few but true friends.

That's we're doing. This Saturday provided exitement, laughter and endorphines when we all joined forces and got Kalle's military Volvo (puppet) up and running.
Pictured: Kalle being Victorious after he (temporarly) won the war against electrical harness halucination.


For those of you who're not familiar with the tension, exitement and the Big Lebowski moment that's in the air when a group of gearheads is trying to fire up something that's been asleep for a long time it's a bit hard to explain, but most of you who read this post know what I'm taking about. 

The owner is sweating like niagra, someone are lending his or her hand to choke control. A couple of guys discuss start gas quality. Batteries of various standard and voltages are carried forward. Some are drinking coffee, others are drinking beer.

 After a few encouraging crankings and some solid black smoke there's always someone who's restrictiv with carbon monoxide. Petter the Proffessor were more concerned about CO than Covid and does not keep appropriate social distance to Magnus while fighting indoor exhaust fumes.
 In a safe and warm place after several years in Swedish Military service. After working in United Nation peace keeping administration and in addition peacefully providing waffle batter to a ski cafe on a not too high montain top in the middle of's time to serve Salt Slush Racing.
Chevy or Ford. A battle. Swedish Military representative is in the background and does not take a stand. A long tradition. 
Meanwhile, in a cosy corner of the Salt Slush Speed Shop, Carina is having her Sunday moment and while getting one of her Suffolk's togeher piece by piece. 
Gold and Creme White Suffolk motor mower. In aluminum. 
A masterpiece if you ask Carina.
Magnus making magic. At some point in time, Magnus showed up with a truck load of trash. Literary. Bent frames, dented tanks and assorted pistons. Here's current status. A cool cat longing for a chain and clutch control.
Same Ariel. Still born in 1928, from and other angle and another light.

Another startup. When when a 92 year old wakes up after a long time in coma celebration is in the air. Magic made. Coming up: Test Drive

How about the Torpedo Back Rocket? Is it taking off? It's in the air, but does launch? Well, the corroded floor is long gone, the welding machine is cooling off and there's no more Fred Flintstone moment. We're now waiting for UPS to deliver rear seat in bad condition from a gentlemen in Missouri with wrecking on his mind. Will it fit? Nobody knows for sure, but we'll keep our beers cold and ready for celebration or comfort in a mourning moment. Like it or not, we'll keep you posted.

All fun and no work? Nope. Salt Slush support science. Pictured: Anders is building a device for Chalmers University of Technology and when Monday arrives we'll all stop playing and we'll be ready to share our knowhow about engine boosting and we'll provide boosting equippment that makes speed happen. 

Because we've had our weekend fun and we're relieved and revitalised and focused. 

Take our advice and choose fun over fear.

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