Saturday, December 5, 2020

Last Christmas comes back

Endure and be prepared. Soon it will all break loose. The balloon will burst. There will be all night parties, where you can dance, hug girls like there's a tomorrow. Race tracks will smell rubber again. Aircraft will take off to foreign destinations.  This mean that the soft solitude is over and fun, stress and hangover are back. 

But we're not there yet...

When time comes, there will be sane and serious professors and doctors with a mission. 
A small injection will get your life back to normal again

The moral of this short post is:
1. Stay in garage/workshop this Christmas. Drink a beer/bourbon or two but isolate yourself.
2. While in preferred workshop make your street/race car ready to race. Because when it all break loose again you don't want to be left behind and be the slow and sloppy guy that cannot smoke tires.

Be ahead of the game that soon will follow soon!

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