Saturday, December 12, 2020

Light, Compact and Powerful! We just want you to know. We're in love...with our new...

We know. Nothing is more painful than internet commercials.

But still. We're really exited about our new super light, thin wall, high temperature steel V-band turbine housing developed for BorgWarner AirWerks S200SX-E turbos. 

So what's this buzz all about? 

Here's what, the AirWerks S200SX-E turbo series offers a high efficient, reliable boosting device for a low price. But there's a drawback. The turbine housing might be efficient and cheap as chips, but it's heavy as lead and somewhat bulky to package and install.

And yes, we're informed. There are more aftermarket S200SX-E turbine housings out there. Expensive as gold. But feedback from AirWerks fans tells us about a cost limit. If you pimp your AirWerks turbo too much and you have to spend all your hard earned money on a super high tech AirWerk turbo, you're approaching the price of a BorgWarner EFR turbo equipped with all the Bells and Whistles like TiAl turbine wheel and ceramic ball bearing.

So, we adjusted the piece price to lowest possible level in order to be able to provide an alternative positioned between BorgWarner AirWerks and BorgWarner EFR.

Shine on you crazy diamond. The Salt Slush Single Scroll S200SXE turbine housing from one side...
 ...and the other.
The quality is amazing.
The total weight of the S200SX-E (S257) turbo with the Salt Slush Single Scroll is 6,5kg. 
These 6,5 kilos will provide around 550 hp while being reasonably cheap and packageable in almost all type of vehicles.
As a comparison, the standard AirWerks S200SX-E turbine housing is as heavy as the complete S200SX-E turbo when equipped with Salt Slush Special V-band single scroll turbine housing.
Now you know what you need.


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