Friday, December 18, 2020

Santa's Workshop 1932 vs 2020. Salt Slush vs. Disney!

2020 and Corona Christmas is coming up. We're all busy as bees preparing for a Workshop Christmas. Stress, stress, stress. Parts needs to be bought. Commodities that cannot be purchased during The Long Weekend needs to be on the shelve before everything closes down. We don't want to loose productive time because we've forgotten to buy oil, welding wire, filler...etc.

In addition, Turbos and Superchargers must be shipped before the holiday, because there are others in our situation that have to cope with a creative Christmas isolation in a workshop.
Better hurry up. Soon it's Christmas Day. Pictured: Salt Slush Santa Speed.  
Kalle used all Christmas elfs around... make his Swedish Jeep come alive and announce Christmas.  
Meanwhile, The Salt Slush Santa Administration are overloaded...
...with request from young guns with dreams of power, speed and boost. Oh, I forgot they're asking about V8's too. Every time this guy hear something about 1000hp he looks like Ratfink. We don't blame him. 
Other than that, in another part of the workshop, Magnus is making home made Mopar Magic by using Ford leftover.  
Pre Christmas workout performed to prepare for the summer season. 
The Desert Oldsmobile Rocket brings elbow grease exercise and erased finger prints before Serge Blue and the Creme White are applied. 
We've ditch those slow Reindeers. Instead we will rely on an old Ariel, the Lion of Gods. 
Coming up soon. Ardun First Fire
While Carina is posing like Shakespeare she's asking essential questions about filtration...oil filtration...
...and Kalle is making a documentary about this hectic weekend. Purpose: To compare the 2020 Salt Slush Christmas preparation with the 1932 Disney version below.
At least most Swedes understand our comparison.

That's all folks!

For now.

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