Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Traditional Salt Slush Racing New Year Chronicle. This time it's about 2020...

It was a rather good year. 

Except racing, no parties, no travel, no car meets, no car shows, no hugging and a general sad social distance, it was all fine. Oh I forgot, we have to exclude massive pain, sickness, death, grief and mourning too to stay on the positive side. Other than that, it was a really good year. Oh I forgot, the economy broke down too. But anyhow...

As we were locked up, boxed in and working on a distance we could focus. So we focued on what was close to us. On our private projects as well as Salt Slush customers. We worked hard as hell to wash away the sorrow of a normal having-fun-life.

The guiding principle has obviously been parallel projects. 

Magnus, the Mastermind of Parallel Projects, has mainly but not only been working with:

..creating a Baya Style Colorado. Yes, it's daily driver. 
...a Ford F100 from 1970 (a second daily driver) and building up an Ariel Motorcycle from 1928. 
I managed to get both in the same picture.
...creating several exotic & tuned A and B Ford engines for various customers. 
A first Fire start up!

Kalle has during 2020 been occupied with a...

a Vespa from the fifties (-59) (Yes it's in pieces)

and waking up s Volvo Military Vehicle (VALP) from the early sixties (-62)

as well as working remotely on a Camaro from the late sixties (-68). Paint shop pictured.

Carina and I have survived the pandemic by being busy...

...bringing an old Oldsmobile 88 fastback from the late forties (-49) back to life.

...while working on the Ardun Engine

...where there are Devils in every detail.

And yes, Cina has refurbished her Suffolk Show Mower.
And restored another aluminum Suffolk Mower too...

Anders has spent his pandemic isolation on...

...adding EFI to his Matra Bagheera from the late seventies (-78)

EFI (PFI) by Anders.
...and refining his Magnuson Supercharger equipped LS El Camino from 1970 to (almost) perfection.
...and building various machines, among them this CNC plasma cutter (to serve our Customers with tailor made parts)

In addition, we really would like to thank all our customers, that basically has been in the same situation as us, for their orders and the time they spent to build various amazing race cars, street cars and various crazy but amazing contraption that we all will enjoy.

The most outstanding Salt Slush Turbo delivery this year is 2x AirWerks S500SX-E turbos to the Merlin Interceptor Project. Something that we, together with Andreas Marklund tried tofind a proper turbo matching for. Looking forward to the 3000hp result that might be available 2021...
Let's finish 2020 with Kalle in Turbo Trance A pictured taken when he was confronted with AirWerks S500SX-E turbos first time.

And Let's hope for a Much Better Year Next Year!
So, Happy New Year from Salt Slush Racing

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