Thursday, February 18, 2021

Not Ready...yet.

Still working? Trying to get it done in time? Are you close to a deadline? Wanna race or cruise this summer and feel that the clock is ticking way too fast? Be happy, because you're luckier than you might think. 

Here's why;

When in the middle of a project you're thinking about it constantly, you're dreaming weird dreams about it frequently and it absorbs your mind totally. The blood that runs through your veins is full of it and it live a life of its own in your soul. 

Is that a bad thing? Nope. 

Because it pushes out boredom, stress and obligations of unnecessary kind. It's called flow. It's not reasonable and not profitable. Still many would agree that we all benefit from when Einstein, Picasso and Dylan and their likes spent some time in this mental some point in time.

As long as you're glued to a project of your liking you're a happy person and you're under development. 

When we're not helping out with Turbocharging & Supercharging, we're busy with our private projects. A wide spread of activities that many would referee to as The Hobby.

But for us private project has gone beyond a hobby. It has become more the way of living and thinking. A way to merge creativity with history and style.

Let's start with Magnus-The Reasonable-Börjesson at Salt Slush Racing;
By now you know that Magnus is a man with a magic mind. Who effortlessly move around in many fields at the same time. Here he is in front end geometry design mode. Baja Truck front end design mode. What he's looking at is his mock up of a Baja Truck front end geometry.  
In addition to the above, Magnus is building a model A / model T drag racer in -60 style with Buick V8 (nailhead) engine. 
Oh I forgot, the 1928 Ariel is coming together too.
Worn and torn sheet metal pieces from long time ago are getting reshaped... weld point at the time.
Besides the above, other projects too such as the Plymouth Scamp engine swap 
(from a 198 6 cyl to a Jeep 5,2 V8 with some home made PFI) is within scoop as well.
Yes, all the pictures above were taken within 24 hours while he was in a parallel project process.

Let's move over to Cina, or Carina which is her given name. She's the Salt Slush CFO. So, better beware.  
Carina The Carpenter, working with Christmas goat repair. 
It's not an execution, it's design improvement.
Simultaneously, the -49 Olds 88 instrument needed to be tested again...
...and after some tweaking, the fuel meter and ammeter was alive again. Even the temperature sensor and the temp meter was declared healthy.
Our common project, the Olds 49, is soon ready for dashboard and door jamb paint job. While waiting for the last (!) sheet metal part the old steering wheel was finally removed.
Just before that blue feeling.
I can watch it for hours...that Harley Earl elegance. It all started with an incorrect eBay advert, that was followed by an intensive shipping and refurbish activity.  A project in itself. Thanks to Ulf, Thanks to Conny and Thanks to Koch Steering Wheel.
But what is this? Wasn't the Matra finished? Why are there turbo part lying around under the car? An inquiring mind wants to know.
We don't care if your project is completed or in a dream phase and it's none of our business what you do to thrive and survive. Instead we're always ready to contribute with our know-how and the precious stuff from Salt Slush shelves.
That's all. For now.

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