Sunday, February 28, 2021

We are starting up the second roaring 20's with Magnuson Superchargers!

Bentley Blowers. Mercedes SSKL, Cadillac V16. Speed, Party and Racing. Content of the first roaring 20s. From 1920-1929. An explosion of fun, action and economic boom after the deadly first world war and the satanic Spanish flu Pandemic.

Will it happen again?  Or will we continue to be alone and isolated, drive nondescript cars with cable and die slowly of boredom? Gloomified.

I don't think so. I guess many of us want to get together, go fast, talk load, drink beer, get hugs and enjoy life as the social animals we are. Feel passion, power and get back to those sweet dreams.

At least if you're a perky, forward looking guy or girl with crave for power. So, here's some really good news for those with a hot rod soul that want huge power in common cars out there. Stuff that will make reasonably cheap cars go fast.

What is so special with this beauty?

Here's what; This Magnuson Supercharger has Eaton 2650 TVS rotor inside and it's aimed for the LS3 engine Camaro gen5. We all know that the Eaton TVS 2650 unit has been available for a while, but only for LT1 direct injection Corvette and Camaro produced after 2015 and Hellcat upgrade kits. This summer the big 2650 supercharger will fit the LS3/LQ4 engines as well.


TVS 2300 or TVS 2650? What does that mean? If this is only numbers to you, here's what; The 2650 will transport a volume of 2,650 liters per revolution, while the TVS 2300 will only transport 2,3liters per revolution. Which means 15% more flow to the engine and flow means power since these to can produce the same boost and efficiency. There's just more potential. If you want it. Now or later. It all depends which pulley you choose and let's not forget, how the rest of the engine is configured. 

Before you get too exited, here are some words of warning and a statement regarding supply.

1. The second Roaring Twenties is not here yet. The grim Corona Pandemic is still out there and we have to endure for another quarter (let's hope).

2. Pictures are only showing prototypes. The Magnuson Supercharger LS3 TVS 2650 unit won't be able until this summer.


Summary; Stay healthy. Save your money. Keep the Champagne cool and dream sweet dreams about Supercharged LS3 V8's


If you have any question related to the above, we're there for you.



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