Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Social Side of Salt Slush

We're not lone Wolfes. We're social animals. No matter profession, age and background we're all garage rats and we're reasonably easy to please. All we need is a good warm workshop, numerous projects, stories told and dreams exposed.
Petter, the Professor provides a proper garage lunch. 
No angle grinding allowed at this point in time.
Thomas Terräng a witty man with many stories in his mind.
A man who have lived a life more colorful than most of us and are able to tell us all about it.
Story telling as it supposed to be.
Hampus. Carina's nephew. Fresh license. 
18 year old and owns a BMW. 
What could possibly go wrong? 
We're trying our best to support and guide him in life.
Should he be looking at a BorgWarner EFR or an AirWerks turbo for his Beemer?
We're there to advice.  
Our garage neighbor Tore, a man of solid wisdom who support salt slush when needed.
 A great friend to have.
Summary; In times of isolation it's more important than ever before to socialize. To comfort yourself with meeting your likes when possible. 
To talk about the things you like.
To laugh and smile.
To have fun.


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