Monday, April 5, 2021

First Fire, Easter Resurrection and to be relieved.

-You've got to let me know when you're starting up the Ardun V8!

Many of our friends have said that. 

And I always answered;

-I'll let you know, of that you can be sure!

Even though I meant every word I said, I knew, deep in my heart, that it would be impossible. Because to debug an Ardun Engine based on a French Ford Flathead would take days and only very few would be patience enough to hang around for so long. 

But anyhow. It happened today. Planning took five years. The actual build and machining took only three.  

Easter 2021 was fully occupied with finding and correcting errors. But finally, the old military engine was resurrected as calculations were confirmed and machining made was proven correct.

Victory. Carina and the Ardun Engine. After the fumes. Relieved. In comfort. Somewhat exhausted.
To fight to the end. Petter, Cina and Magnus all helped out to and made the Ardun First Fire happen. Today.
Cina captured the very first combustions and shall we say, the first fire.
I got a way.
I still need a haircut though.
No misfire. No smoke. Reasonably fast combustion. Sounds fast. 
I'm not happy...I'm euphoric inside.

But it's not ready yet. A few oil leakages needs to be sealed and vaccum to spark advance machined. But it runs and it runs good too.
That's all.
For now.


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