Sunday, April 11, 2021


There was a time before it all broke loose. A time when we had to fight our own dreams, capacity and shortcoming only. When we were free and the blue sky was the limit. When head gaskets, boost pressure and economy was the only familiar stoppers. It was a good time and it's only two years from now. Feels like a long time ago.

We couldn't see the Pandemic coming because those who survived the Spanish flu are five feet under and not able to alarm or celebrate survival. 

Fast forward from 2019 to 2021. We're here and we're waiting. Waiting for a normal. I wouldn't say the new normal. I would rather say that we're waiting for  freedom. Freedom to meet, race and travel. To live our (yours?) dream again, like we used to do. To live fast, but not not necessarily die young.

Salt Slush Team at Bonneville Speed Week back in 2019. The 900hp Amazon was ready and roaring. The Salt was wet and we were somewhat sour since we were waiting for the salt to dry (you should here think of the painting process). But still, we were there, in the middle of a dream.
 We cannot enter the US of A. Which means that we're unable to prepare our race car, visit Magnuson Superchargers and Borg Warner Turbo System face to face. 
While waiting at home in the cold rain we're keeping our mind busy with stuff that we have at hands.
Like looking at the Serge Blue / Cream white dashboard of the Old Olds -49 Rocket that recently came back from the paint shop.
While in waiting mode, we study stuff too. Amusement and argument comes together. At the same time. Somehow.
- An eight stack! Nice!
- But how about the tolerances?
- There's no milk to the coffee!
- I have another about...
- Detroit Electric was trying too... really early on...and Grandma Duck liked it a lot, but it went belly up eventually.
- Where were we... 
- Shut the fuck's an interesting project.

At this point I would like to quote, Carina saying: 
- The Big Lebowski. Not only a comedy. It's our friends on any Saturday. Which is good. Really good.

Why this post? Because we're waiting. For freedom, speed and boost pressure.
And the New Roaring Twenties. 
That's why.

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