Sunday, April 25, 2021

To Seal The Deal. We'll tell you all about it.

Fountain. That was the only word that my brain could come up with. 

Proud. That was the feeling. I was thinking about deleting a couple rows in my CV and add this event instead.

Trail and Error. A reasonable approach. To try again. To see, think and do while trying to make better next time. Not a perfect way forward, but still, a way to cope with complex issues when you and The Problem are alone and only one can win.

Lady Luck. She might come by too. If that happens you can call it a home run, a victory in advance and get soft. But she's often late and no-show is not unusual.

Let's clear the fog. Here's what; The Ardun V8 Engine was leaking heavily from the home made cobbled oil pan, but it was okay because we're already high, floating on clouds. The sound of combustion was too good to be true and no known leakage could make that combustion feeling go away. 

But as the adrenaline slowly vanished, it became obvious that the Ardun had to dry up. At this point various ideas crossed my mind. But all those thoughts were  in vain, because Lady Luck happened to pass by. 

Here's what. When it comes to luck, it's appropriate to talk about Tomas Tom from Germany, who have recently developed an aluminum oil pan for Ford Flathead 32-48 and French Ford Flathead (I'm here talking about an oil pan with more room for the bigger front main bearing that comes with a french Flathead). 

His oil pan fit's perfectly and looks great too. Will it seal it all and dry up our fountain? I'll let you know soon.

The Oil Pan in modification mode. Why? I need oil drain holes from the cylinder head. Since it's nowadays an OHV Hemi engine and not a Flatty anymore oil needs to find its way to the pan again after lubricating the valve system mechanism (rocker arms etc)
Oil pan looks good even in mock-up mode.
Sand cast aluminum vs cut, weld and hope kind of sheet metal pan. 
Hopeless hope in blue. 
As always.
  The aluminum Oil Pan for French Ford Flatheads provided by Tomas. 
Nothing is however ready until it's ready. 
A deal ain't sealed until it's sealed
But Luck seems to be around.
Which is good.
Really good

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