Sunday, June 6, 2021

Determination, the Devil and the Details

It was the first warm summer evening after a long cold spring. The national weather institute even promised a mild night at latitude 57. As a consequence a Saturday night barbecue was fired up.

For some sloppy souls that scene would mean a shut down. To turn off the milling machine, wash off the dirt and go grab a beer.

For the determined, it's all different. When they have flow there's nothing but Go! 

Magnus The Determined, in deep DYI mode. Prepared to burn a barrels of midnight oil to make a mayor breakthrough.

Why? When a Ford FE V8 is in need of a port fuel injection (PFI) system there's normally no time to spare.


Sunday morning at Salt Slush workshop. The PFI FE inlet manifold is a done deal. Looks good. Even great.

Admiration was in the air. The DIY PFI Ford FE common rail manifold is soon ready to reach the target. A 1970 Ford F100 pick up truck.
The only way to outsmart the Devil is to go for the details. Then there's no room for Beelzebub anymore. When Magnus have manged to position injector adapters perfectly through treads in obscure angle and tailor make every injector position perfectly we know that he had to go. I'm talking about the Devil who had to seek shelter in other details.

Obliviously JB Weld is a good equipment for Exorcists. 

Remark: A more detailed PFI FE engine post will follow. In a while. Sure as hell.

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