Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Father, The Son and the Holy Smoke.

We know The Father. We've meet The Son. We're familiar with The Spirit and we could hear the Thunderous arrival. Was there a message? A about post pandemic fun? 
At least there were signs...a blue sky in Gothenburg, a happy hopeful yellow Magnuson Corvette, a red danger Mustang and a black powerful Roadrunner.

All of a sudden, GM, MOPAR and Ford guys could speak to each other in the same gearhead language. A miracle? Nobody knows. 
But we're still waiting for some Smoke. We're not picky. It doesn't have to be holy. All we want is some tire to evaporate and provide happiness in it's purest form.


The Pony that carried The Father (Lars Davidsson) to the Salt Slush Saturday Fika. A Tremec equipped Fastback Mustang.

The Roadrunner that brought The Son (Christoffer Davidsson) to Salt Slush.
GM, Ford and MOPAR line up. Sorted after height, speed and handling. 
Ohh. I almost forgot. There were more signs. 
All were stick shifts. Which Kalle noticed...
Which promise might these signs provide?
End of the pandemic?
Open US borders?
 Fingers crossed.


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