Sunday, June 20, 2021

Yes, we're open!

A delayed project. A summer that arrives far too fast. A broken turbo at The Race. Closed speed shops European style. Too long delivery time from US of A to make it all happen. Despair and frustration is in the air. Sadness too.

In worst case, not even your spouse is there to support. You're alone with a summer time blues that not even barbecue, beer and buddy's can cure.

But there's hope. We're open. We're available. Throughout the summer we're there with supercharged turbo comfort. If you're out of boost during the dog days of summer we can help. We deliver what you need everyday from our shelves in Gothenburg, Sweden. That is if your need is BorgWarner AirWerks or EFR turbos.

No matter if your EFR equipped Ford flat crank V8... 
...or the LS equipped Ford Capri needs a new turbo, we'll do our best to support urgently. Every day.
Since we spend most of our time in our shop, we're always in stand-by mode.
We need to relax too. When it's beer time it's beer time. 
Here we're talking Friday's and Saturday's after 18.00
That's all.
May speed come your way!

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