Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Speed Queen in a racing couple...we celebrate Ruth!

A speed record. It's hard to get one. It takes years of hard work and determination. A determination that can lead to victories and amazing achievements. Few families have one person with a land speed racing record to be proud of, but we've seen succession within racing that leads to family speed records over decades.

Then there are those rare racing couples. Who form a team. Come desert hell or high salt water, nitro fumes, broken engines and spin out's at high peed. Doesn't matter, they're still a team.  A team that can do it.
We know one amazing team. I'm talking about Erik Hansson & Ruth Lundring who's a couple with individual land speed records.
The Salt Slush team just spent the midsummer with Ruth, who recently got a land speed record when she reached 184,627mph (297km/h) in a roadster (class XF/BFR) at El Mirage desert in US. For those you unfamiliar with El Mirage, it's a 1,3 miles (2 km) race track at dirty dry lake in the Mojave desert. 
Experienced based remark; Driving at El Mirage, is not like driving on asphalt...take my word for it. Instruction; keep your eyes on the cones, your hand upon the wheel...and stay cool...while you put the peddle to the metal in the speed beast of choice.
To fight the jet lag, we took Ruth to places that she can relate to. To the Salt Slush workshop (in Sweden)  to a car (Olds Rocket 88) that comes from Wendover, close to Bonneville Salt Flats.
Since we weren't sure that the Wendover Rocket could make up for the brutal the time and weather difference between cloudy, cold Sweden and clear sky California, Kalle offered Ruth a drive in his 32 Hemi Roadster that her spouse Erik provided parts for long time ago. Ruth took it for a spin. Something missing? Well, summer and sunshine...I guess.
Yes, we celebrated Swedish midsummer too, under the shelter, in warm clothes. 

We were really happy to meet, host and celebrate Ruth when she visited Sweden. 

A super cool solid woman who knows how beat a record with Supercharged Flathead V8 Roadster (at approximately 300km/h) in what is basically a stretched sandbox.
Congrats from Salt Slush, Ruth!

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