Sunday, July 4, 2021

A welcoming attitude while at idle.

All we want is a GO! We want to get busy as bees, ready to roll and stop this slow softness. We wanna hear that big bad turbo rev up, while our Amazon find its top speed in the holy place called Bonneville Flats and we pray to the god above.
We want to support customers under pressure, who need a turbo tomorrow to be race ready.
But while we wait for the world to open up and for someone to announce that the race is on, we celebrate what is there to celebrate. 

So what's there to celebrate? Short answer; A new engine type arrives. Long answer; A new and engine type and a Harley Earl creation arrives after a long journey at sea.
Since it was the first Salt Slush straight eight, Carina made a cake and set up a social activity. Please pay attention to the chocolate cylinders, strawberry valves and Delco-Remy kind of candles.
While the cake was consumed more straight eights showed up. Long gone friends got together too.
When sheet metal and art comes together. I admit. Guilty as charged. I'm in a Harley Earl period. Here's his apparent motto: Wide, long, low and streamlined. Still valid, if you ask me.
She named him Buck. So Buck it is. 
Pictured; Carina and Buck. Buck, The Buick.
How can it happen? At the straight 8 celebration, another straight 8 arrives from nowhere. Or rather from it a miracle? Can't tell.
Dig the Aircraft window, that Art Deco Speaker and those Analogue meters.
The reason to celebrate; the inline 8 cylinder (yes, torsional vibrations at high rpm is a concern). Anyhow, it's the smoothest Fireball you'll ever find.
Yes, I'm a sucker for the details, for the grill that melt as marshmallows over the front, for that low long wide streamlined body. For the Art Deco appearance in every detail.
How to summarize? Here's what; Straight eight engine, Bonneville Buick and an Amazing piece of Art. 

That's all. For now.

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