Sunday, July 11, 2021

On any Silent Summer Sunday

The heavy rain has just stopped. It's vacation mode. It's Sunday. Things are slowing down. People are getting sloppy and while preparing for a barbecue in cold rain. 
Sweden is entirely covered by steamy barbecue smoke and a slow summer sadness. Well, not entirely... one small community of indomitable guys still holds out against the sloppy summer. It's the Salt Slush team with friends at Ringön, Gothenburg who still search for speed and while follow schemes with the ambition to accomplish dreams. While politics, the pandemic and travel bans are making things slow, there are still those with speed on their mind out there... Mattias who arrived in his Speedster V6 today.  A modern go fast mixture of a mid engine Opel/Lotus chassis equipped with Jaguar V6 and Audi Transmission. Yes, it's supercharged too.
 Not comfy, but Cobra fast. Behind in the background is a Magnuson Supercharger equipped C6 Corvette. It's my daily drive and it's fast too.
At some point in time, we took a stroll over to our garage neighbor. To check out what's going on over there. You never know what that professional diver, go kart race driver and motocross kind of guy are up to. Turns out that he has the ambition to complete Gotland Grand National endurance race on his home built two stroke 500cc motocross (CR500) bike.
We'll be thinking about him... he pull the throttle on this 1hp/kg two wheel beast. Yes, he promised me a test drive. Looking forward to that. 
Meanwhile Magnus is not slowing down either, creating a homemade EFI for his...
...360 FE engine equipped Ford F100 Truck. It will be a bolt on kit after he spent a few hundred hours or so to tailor the engine.
Summary; We'll keep ourselves busy as bees and we have no plans to slow down. We'll survive too, but deep in our heart we want go to and race in, the US of A.
The feeling...

  In addition to that...
Join us in the celebration of Ed "Isky" he turns 100 years old. 
A real role model if you ask me. (Picture from Engine Builder Magazine).

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