Sunday, July 25, 2021

Committment, Devotion and Hours of Life.

How to spend the hours of life? 
I guess nobody has a plan. We all think we know how we would like to spend our time if all dreams would come true. Since that specific situation is far fetched and seldom happens, we better stay true to commitment and devotions instead and live our dreams right now.

What does that really mean?
Let's start with definitions. According various dictionaries, commitment is an act of dedicating to an activity to which you're obliged or emotionally impelled. While devotion is an act of prayer or private worship of your liking.

I started to think about the above when visiting a Car Show in Ulricehamn, Sweden a week ago.
Devotion: Johanna Hedlund inherit several 1959 Oldsmobile Rocket 88's when her father sadly past away not too long ago. She loved him, his cars and she's definitely devoted to old Oldsmobile's...

Now she and her boyfriend, are trying to learn all about 371 engines, Hydramatic transmissions and Rockets in general. Yes, she has the -59 Oldsmobile 88 Wagon tattooed on her arm.
Commitment: I guess Magnus Viktorsson is a strongly committed man since he built this fantastic Ford GT40 himself....
...with a Richardo Transmissio, modular Ford V8 and eight stack. Beside building the vehicle, he has spent some hours on engine calibration and mechanical throttle adjustments too...
You've got to be committed to adjust a VW Golf to the more appropriate north-south-rear wheel driven powertrain configuration. Turbocharged 3.0L 6 cyl Beemer is what a Golf needs.
The essence of commitment. Mattias Svensson's amazing Speedster V6.
A technical miracle. 
  • One Opel Speedster (Lotus)
  • One Jaguar V6
  • One Audi Transmission 
  • Original wheel base.
  • Supercharged
Let it cook in the workshop for a couple of 1000 hours.
Enjoy together with time slip from race track.
What? A commitment to down-sizing. 
Turbocharged Supra Six Cylinder in Dodge Coronet.

Summary; Commitment, Devotion and a couple of thousand hours are all you need to live your dream. The rest will follow.

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