Sunday, July 18, 2021

On the surface...

It happened one of these unusual summer nights. We call them tropical nights. When the temperature stay above 20 deg C (68 deg F) until dusk. 

During this exceptional night, our deep speed soul finally got a surface. Our brand name (a result of a fun SMS exchange a late Friday night 2014) was finally painted on the wall of our Speed Shop at Ringön, Gothenburg, Sweden.

We've been talking about an old school painted logo for years and back in 2020 we painted the wall white to prepare for it. Didn't help.

It was not until Therese, our garage neighbor artist, came by, kicked our ass and made it happen. Now, not all asses are worth kickin' so she helped out with the artistic work too. I guess she couldn't stand our inability to paint.
 Finally, there were darkness and the work could begin. 
Pictured; Therese and Anders are painting the Salt Slush Racing symbol.
At midnight, the work was done and the symbolic high speed Amazon Wagon was on the wall forever.  
Hand painted sign are not so common anymore. We don't care, because we love this way of showing where to go for Magnuson Superchargers and BorgWarner EFR and AirWerks turbos. 
We might have a new surface on our shop, but in deep in our heart we're the same car guys with same crave for speed and power as always.

The only difference is that it's easier to find us when you want to talk turbos and chat about superchargers.


  1. Great work! Saw the logo when taking a little bicycle tour of Ringön. Even photographed it to remember the name and to check you out on the Internet. Great to see your Salt Flats project. Keep up the good work!
    Marcus Jahnke, Lundby

    1. You're always welcome to come by for a chat, Coffee or turbo...

      See you!

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