Sunday, August 1, 2021

Bonneville 2021.

Our plans for 2021 were great. At first, a squad of Salt Slush engineers should arrive to sunny California in the early spring. Just like we did back in  2019. The purpose; to prepare our 449 Amazon landspeed racer for Bonneville 2021. 

Eventually, just a week before Speed Week 2021 the full Salt Slush team should come together in SoCal to get our stuff in shape and make us all ready to haul the Amazon through the wilderness, find the famous salt desert and make us all race ready mentally. In addition we should SMOG the big block Suburban, wash our race suits, update the safety stuff and prepare our souls for the race.

Failure. The Pandemic forced us to early summer...then to late summer when vaccination in US and EU was complete. Or at least almost complete.

Didn't help. Biden stopped our final fully vaccinated attempt to race at Bonneville and do boost business in the US of A. Because we're not allowed to enter the US. Not welcome.

Hence we're stuck in Sweden, dreaming about the day when slow Joe open US to EU. In my mind that decision will come soon, since EU already opened up to US. I'm just thinking that the virus is not contagious in one direction only? Or is it? An inquiring mind just want's to know...

The initial plan for 2021: Prepare our Amazon at Erik's and Ruth's place like we did 2019 (pictured)....
...then go to El Mirage desert for a test make sure that we're ready to race. Again, like we did back in 2019...
Meanwhile, Erik, Ruth and Rick are getting thier race cars ready for Bonneville. Both the EFR turbo equipped Ardun Engine as well as the supercharged Flathead are getting race ready when you read this. We're thinking of them all the time...will the they overcome all inevitable technical issues? Will mother nature be kind to them? Will they break a speed record? Nobody knows. But or minds are with them. Of that you can be sure.


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