Sunday, August 8, 2021

Are there alternatives?

That feeling. When there's a cool party and you're not invited. With a left out feeling you start to think about tomorrow and after all, you know that you're better without a hangover. In addition to that, you've read somewhere that late nights are not good for you. At all. What so ever! Scientist say so too. In public radio. Always.

Then, all of a suddenly, there's an indication. Or worse, of a clear evidence that the ongoing party is super and more fun than ever before.

How to cope with a situation like this? Should you be happy for the guys and gals who're having fun, fun, fun right now and hope for an invitation to the next party? Or is it better to get bitter and sour as vinegar and stay in pain?

Back to the feeling and our real issue; I'm obviously not talking about a party, instead it's about our broken Bonneville Speed Week 2021 dreams. The race conditions (i.e the Salt) seems almost perfect while mother nature is again helpful, but of course unpredictable and stormy as usually. But the US administration (old Joe) does not open up the gate for EU.

What can we do? How to find comfort while Instagram is full of happy Bonneville Speed Week pics?

The answer others and then yourself. How? Let me tell you...
1. Help customers in need. We're at the end of the pandemic and racing are coming back strongly in Sweden. When the race is on, new engines and new turbos might sometime be needed on short notice. Since Salt Slush Racing is always open, come hell or high water, we deliver turbos from our shelf same day as ordered. Sometimes several times a day. Pictured; Carina, the Salt Slush CFO, and the 1941 Buick Super Coupe at DHL in Gothenburg.
2. Gran Turismo. Fire up the Magnuson Supercharged Car of your liking and go to high speed area like Germany, have few beers and relax for a couple of days.
3.  Stay hard. Go flat out and take your race tuned 90 year hot rod for a night ride. Word of advice; this alternative should be avoided by the non adventurous, comfort seeking types.

4. Drive around in a Buick 1941 (behind Magnus hot rod). There are however another set of warnings associated with this type of straight 8 become more a. more of a Gentlemen. b. a Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin fan and c. when coming home you ignore the cold beer and start looking for a Dry Martini. 

Let's face the facts. If you're not invited, you're not invited and you've got to find new ways while waiting.

I guess the text (Dylan) below concludes the situation we're in...

"Every man’s conscience is vile and depraved
You cannot depend on it to be your guide
When it’s you who must keep it satisfied."

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